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Get alerted within seconds of new inventory being posted using our P&P compliant process. Powered by your computer, never miss out on the hottest products again!

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How it works

Your own web browser powers the plugin allowing it to check for new inventory in Build. Seconds after new inventory is posted, your computer triggers our real-time system which notifies you via text message with a descriptive alert. A computer (PC or Mac) with Google Chrome installed is required to be running. That is a key component to maintaining P&P compliance.

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Choose which styles and sizes to be alerted about. Get notifications for the products that are important to you, and ignore the ones that aren't.

See inventory availability using our plugin right inside your web browser! Numbers appear on the screen while shopping Build!

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Just $5.99 a month gives you real-time insight on product availability. Instant alerts and no second hand information using the only automated fully P&P compliant system available.

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